Indianapolis Greenways Partnership

Walk With A Doc on the Eagle Creek Greenway


Date: August 24, 2019, 9:00 am

Location: Eagle Creek Greenway- 56th Street Trailhead 7225 West 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN  46254

(next to the Colts Facility- Corner of 56th St. and Reed Road)

Walking is proven to be one of the best exercises to improve overall health and can be part of developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle! Spending time in green spaces can boost our mood and health even more. Join Dr. Carrie Leathers, Internist and Pediatrician at Eskenazi Pecar Health Center for a beautiful walk on the Eagle Creek Greenway. This event is free and bilingual.

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Discover Art on the Greenways

When most people think about public art in Indianapolis, “Indy Greenways” is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. We tend to view our greenway system as a place to walk, jog, or ride bikes—recreation. In recent years, Indy has also discovered that the greenways are optimal transportation  alternatives and commuting routes. But public art?

“Indy’s greenway system is a little-known way to enjoy art while getting a bit of exercise,” says Julia Moore, Director of Public Art for the Arts Council of Indianapolis.  “Not only are there works of art placed along most trails, but the trails themselves connect the most desirable arts and culture destinations in the city.”

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The connection between between public art and Indy Greenways is actually quite strong and provides residents with countless opportunities to interact with the arts.

First, the greenways provide a direct access to the some of the city’s most significant art centers.  Newfields and the Virginia Fairbanks Art & Nature Park are located along the Central Canal Towpath.  The Indianapolis Arts Center is located directly adjacent to the Monon Trail. The White River Greenway connects to White River State Park, home of many pieces of public sculpture.  The Pleasant Run Greenway connects to the Garfield Parks Art Center. Several of the greenways link to the Cultural Trail and art installations downtown.  Nearly every greenway in the Indy Greenway system invites users to engage with some level of public art.

In addition to physical installations, the greenways also provide connections to significant cultural  and performing art events such as art fairs, music, dance, concerts and many other events that showcase the arts.

Even more significant is the number of artworks located along Indy Greenways.  Pogues Run Art and Nature Park located at the northern end of the Pogues Run Greenway, for example, includes numerous works of art.  Commissioned pieces exist on several of the other greenways.  In fact, take a ride on any of the trails and you are likely to come across public art, whether it’s a mural, sculpture, or interactive experience piece.  Works range from student pieces to commissioned pieces from local and national artists and cover a wide range of different media.

“Probably the most concentrated arts offerings are on the Monon Trail,” says Moore. “You get the brilliant arts destination that is Broad Ripple, plus there is more public art per mile, on average, right along the Monon Trail than on any other greenway in the city.”

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The Indianapolis Greenways Partnership, along with our partners at the Arts Council of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Parks Foundation, and Indy Parks, created the Art on the Greenways series to highlight and give residents an opportunity to engage with unique public art along the trails.  Our programming has included a tour of the many sculpture at Pogues Run Art and Nature Park, a bike tour of art along the Monon Trail, and a photography competition along the Pogues Run Greenway.  We have two additional bike tours scheduled for this Summer:  a bike tour of art on the White River Greenway on June 1 and another bike tour of the art along the Monon Trail on June 29.

“There is more public art on Indy Greenways than most people realize” said Ron Taylor of the Indianapolis Greenways Partnership.  “There are tremendous opportunities and works along Indy Greenways.  The purpose of our Art on the Greenways programming is to help highlight those opportunities and to provide opportunities for residents to meaningfully engage with this work.”

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When most people think about public art in Indianapolis, “Indy Greenways” is probably not the first thing that comes to mind—maybe it should be!

You can learn more about our current Art on the Greenways program offerings at  You can also visit the Arts Council of Indianapolis website for a searchable list of public art at

Walk With A Doc on the Monon Trail


Date: June 29, 2019, 12:00 pm

Location: Monon Trail, 96th Street Trailhead- 1430 East 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46240

Walking has been proven to be one of the best exercises to improve overall health. Even small walks have been shown to improve cardiovascular health, mental health, type 2 diabetes, depression, and a whole range other health issues. Walking is a simple step in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout all stages of life and it’s also a great way to get outdoors and see some of Indy’s great places! On June 29, join Dr. Carrie Leathers, an Eskenazi community physician for a walk on Indy’s award-winning Monon Trail. The walk will include a walking discussion of the new physical activity guidelines for older adults from the Move Your Way campaign and will explore other health topics including ways to incorporate balance and muscle strength training into your walking routine. Although the program will include tips for older adults, kids and all ages and all abilities are welcome to attend as the walk will be tailored to the participants that take part inn the walk. This event is free and bilingual. Participants are encouraged to register to ensure their spot on the walk.


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Fall Creek Greenway Family Bike Ride

Bike Riding

Date:  Saturday, June 29, 2019, 4:00- 5:30 pm

Location:  Fall Creek Greenway- Begins at 5435 Emerson Way (parking lot south of former Marine Bank building)

Saturday, June 29 is Pack the Parks Day in Indianapolis and what better way to spend the afternoon than to take a family-friendly bike ride on one of Indy Parks’ oldest and longest greenways?  Join us for a guided afternoon ride on the Fall Creek Greenway in northeast Indianapolis.  The approximately eight-mile ride will begin at the Windridge Shops parking area along Fall Creek Parkway between Emerson Avenue and 56th Street (south of the former Marine Bank building near the intersection of Emerson and Fall Creek) and go northeast to Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park and back.  Along the route there will be stops at the Amy Brier/Sharon Fullingim sculpture at the Fall Creek Preserve, Skiles Test Nature Park, historic Woollen’s Gardens, and Fort Benjamin Harrison.  Come learn a little bit about the history of this greenway and some of the unique areas along its route through northeast Indianapolis, and return in time to get an early dinner at one of the great restaurants in the Millersville neighborhood. This is an easy, casual, family-oriented ride intended for all fitness levels (grades are minimal along this route).  Like events at all of Indy Parks on Pack the Parks Day, this event is free, but participants are encouraged to register so that we can properly plan for the ride.


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Indy Parks Releases New Scout Patch Program for Indy Greenways

INDIANAPOLIS- Indy Parks is proud to announce the development and release of a new Girl and Boy Scout Patch program for Indy Greenways.

The Indy Greenways patch is a local patch program that teaches central Indiana Scouts about the Indy Greenways system. The intent of the program is to raise awareness and educate young kids on the design, function, and proper use of the Indy Greenways and to demonstrate the important role that the greenways play in connecting local communities. It is also intended to instill a level of ownership, responsibility, and stewardship for the greenway system. The patch program aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Raise awareness of the Indy Greenways system, what it is, and how it is used.
  • Provide a basic understanding of Indy Greenways and how to use the trails.
  • Provide a basic understanding of how trails and greenways benefit communities.
  • Instill a responsibility for the ongoing stewardship of the greenways system.
  • Instill a general interest on how the greenways can be a part of Scouts’ everyday lives.

IMG_0544The local patch program was designed to include three parts.  The first part, Learn Indy Greenways is a troop-facilitated learning program that teaches Scouts about the history and development of the greenway system, how people use the greenways, and the benefits of greenways to the city.  It includes map exercises and study questions designed to test Scouts’ knowledge of the program elements.

The second part, Explore Indy Greenways, includes a hike on one of the greenways to experience first-hand how the greenways function and how people use them.  During this walk, Scouts document and record how the trail is used by residents.

IMG_0585The final part of the program, Stewardship, includes a community service project performed along one of the greenways.  Scouts pick a greenway and a project to help demonstrate ongoing stewardship of the greenways systems.

Once a Scout has completed all three parts, they earn the Indy Greenways patch and an accompanying “stewardship” patch for their designated greenway where they completed their community service project.  Scouts can earn additional stewardship patches for each of the greenways by completing additional community service projects on different greenway segments.

“It’s so rewarding to empower youth to not only learn about our city’s parks and trails, but also to help them get out and contribute to these spaces,” said Linda Broadfoot, director of Indy Parks.  “Our entire team is proud to pass on the rich historic traditions of the Indy greenway system to a whole generation of future leaders.”

The patch program was created for Indy Parks as part of the Indianapolis Greenways Partnership, a public-private partnership that includes Indy Parks and the Indianapolis Parks Foundation.  The Greenways Partnership develops and provides creative programming that broadens user engagement with Indy Greenways, builds support for the system, and catalyzes further investment in Indy Greenways.  The Partnership’s efforts are based upon the premise that providing broad opportunities for residents to engage with the greenways helps to build lifelong advocates, support, and demand for continued investment in the greenway system.

The Indy Greenways patch program was initiated in March when Girl Scout Troop 2 from Irvington facilitated the first session with Indy Parks Director Linda Broadfoot.  During the session, the troop explored the various aspects of the greenways and worked through a series of map exercises on how they could use the greenways to reach their schools, homes, or other community assets.  “I think the program opened the girls’ eyes to the fact that greenways could be major connectors in the community and not just a recreational asset,” said Kristin Swick, Troop Leader for Troop 2.  “The girls really enjoyed learning more about Indianapolis’ greenways and trails.”


For their stewardship project, Troop 2 joined the City of Indianapolis and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful on April 27, 2019 to plant trees along the Pleasant Run Greenway as part of the Great Indianapolis Cleanup.  At the conclusion of the event, Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, Parks Director Linda Broadfoot, and City Councilor Blake Johnson presented the first-ever Indy Greenways patch to Troop 2.  During his presentation, Mayor Hogsett commended the girls on their effort.  “As a long-time advocate of scouting, I cannot thank you enough for your service to your community and for making your community a great place to live, work, and grow up.  You are making a difference.”

In addition, Cub Scout Den 75 on the northeast side is in the process of completing the first Boy Scout facilitation of the program.  They collected trash along the Fall Creek Greenway on April 15 for their Stewardship project.

IMG_0503We are proud to announce the first patches to be awarded for this new patch program and are excited that future generations of scouts will be able to learn about the greenways and adopt an attitude of stewardship for Indy Greenways.

Beginning on April 1, 2019, the Indy Greenways patch is available through the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana and is available to all central Indiana Girl Scouts.  The Boy Scout patch will be available through the Boy Scouts of America beginning later this summer.